What I Do To Avoid A Return Of Cancer

By Michael Mooney
Updated January, 2015

First realize that, if I had a more deadly form of cancer than the squamous cell skin cancer that I experienced and cured, I wouldn't go it alone.

I would seek out an expert practitioner in natural healthcare to guide me. More on that at the end of this article.

As to my own experience with cancer, I avoid cancer’s favorite foods, which are any kind of sugar and all grain products.

Grain products, when digested, deliver large amounts of sugar to the body, because the carbohydrates they contain are sugars. The sugars are just "complex" sugars, where candy and table sugar, whether white or brown, are simple sugars, that release more quickly.

Complex sugars (carbohydrates) take more time to break down, so you don't get a big spike in blood sugar, like candy causes, but the net amount of sugar released into our bloodsteams over time is similar.

So, where fresh apples and cherries deliver about 240 calories per pound, whole wheat flour delivers about 1,500 calories per pound, while hard candy delivers about 1,700 calories per pound.

All those sugar calories provide a lot of fuel for cancer to grow!

This includes organic whole grains, which give cancers basically the same amount of sugar calories as bleached white grains, even though whole grains give us some valuable fiber and nutrients.

Cancers must have sugar to grow, so starving cancer of sugar ensures that it will see the body as a desert, rather than a fertile jungle.

Grass-Fed, Pasture Raised Butters and Cheeses
While I avoid food that contain excessive carbohydrates, I eat my share of scrumptious dairy fats - cheeses and butters.

These dairy products are loaded with anti-cancer fats, but only if they come from from fully grass-fed, pasture-raised animals, which cause the opposite effects of what grain-fed animal fats cause. (Hopefully the animals are raised on organic pasture, which is common in many other countries, such as France, Holland, Argentina,

To learn more about scientific basis for the anti-cancer effects of delicious Brie, Gouda and other grass-fed animal cheeses and butters, click here.

I also avoid the obvious health-robbers, fried foods, processed foods, lifeless foods, candy, especially those "foods" that contain artificial ingredients that add to the body's oxidative burden because they produce free radicals.

The idea is starve the cancer, while strengthening the body's natural immune-response, while reducing intake or exposure to inflammatory foods or substances..

Further – there are a number of convincing media reports of cancer cured by natural substances or intelligently-considered completely natural food diets.

It is possible to work with a solidly-grounded natural healthcare expert that can guide one to create a body environment where cancer simply cannot survive, thrive, multiply and kill. I've seen it up close and know it is true.

Regardless of what we've been made to believe by mainstream medicine and mainstream media, a cancer diagnosis does not have to mean pain, suffering and death.

The American cancer "authorites are not the authorities they are promoted to be. Further, millions of people are wrongly diagnosed with cancer and the standard means of diagnosis can increase the growth of some cancers, such as breast and prostate cancers.

Turkey Tail Mushrooms
To put some power behind this article, please watch a "must-see" video -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWT09ZDqFlE - in which mushroom expert Paul Stamets explains how his mother's stage 4 metasticized breast cancer was cured using the immune-boosting power of a specific mushroom, called "Turkey Tail."

This isn't voodoo. The biochemical reason why it works has been detailed in a National Institutes of Health (NIH) study.

I was skeptical at the power of mushrooms at first. But since I've seen the YOUTUBE video, I've increased my regular intake of various organic mushrooms, Turkey Tail, Maitake, Shitaki and others in soups.

The "Turkey Tail" mushroom Stamets' company Host Defense makes is easily obtained.

For capsules, just go to http://www.fungi.com/product-detail/product/host-defense-turkey-tail-capsules-120ct.html - Many stores and online retainers carry it.

However, the liquid version of it gives one twice as much for the dollar because we aren't paying for encapsulation.

This is the link to buy the liquid - http://www.fungi.com/product-detail/product/host-defense-turkey-tail-extract-2-fluid-oz.html

I've purchased some to drop in my morning NutraBullet fruit smoothie.

Limit Sugars and Carbohydrates
Another important thing to consider is high intake of organic vegetables, with only a little bit, if any, of organic fruit, which contains the sugar fructose.

A study published in the journal Cancer Research showed that fructose increases the rate of cancer cell growth more than glucose. (Table sugar, whether white or brown, is half fructose and half glucose.)
So, even though fresh organic fruit is very nutritious, I would consider not eating it, especially if the healthcare expert that I was working with said not to.

Limiting sugar intake is critical to starving cancer, so it's better to just cut it out while one is in battle with a deadly invader.

Remember, cancers thrive on sugar, so the fruits I eat are low-sugar fruits, like organic apples, pears and berries. I generally avoid higher sugar fruits, such as bananas and grapes. But I'm not actively fighting cancer. If I was I would probably cut fruits out of my food intake, depending on what I was guided to do by a skilled natural healtcare practitioner, like Dr. Jean Wallace, who I link to below.

Vitamin C: The Truth Finally Revealed
When Linus Pauling, two-time Nobel Prize winner, said that vitamin C could cure cancer

There’s a New Zealand television news story about a new, special form of vitamin C called liposomal vitamin C being involved in curing cancer. I take several liposomal nutrients, including vitamin C, regularly. If I found that I had cancer I would take more of them.

Please see: http://www.michaelmooney.net/DidLiposomalVitaminCCureCancer.html

Also, related to vitamin C, tablets can't deliver enough vitamin C inside cells to kill cancer, but liposomal and intravenous vitamin C can. Please see: http://www.michaelmooney.net/Vitamin_C_Cancer_IV.html and http://www.cmaj.ca/cgi/reprint/174/7/937

Also please see http://www.michaelmooney.net/AttemptingtomakethecaseforvitaminC.htm

Dietary Supplements - Nutrients and Botanicals (Herbs)
Then there are a variety of dietary supplements, such as MSM, CoQ10,curcumin, graviola and many others that have solid data showing anti-cancer effects.

If you want to take in all that I've written about this, there's more information on this page. http://www.michaelmooney.net/mt3.html

The information I present is far from exhaustive, as there are numerous other natural agents with anti-cancer effects.

And to be clear, I know a lot about natural tools that are documented to work against cancers, but I am not an expert.

Stopping sugars and grains is just the first step in making the body hostile to cancer growth.

Avoid Cancer-Causing Pesticides - Eat Organic
Pesticide consumption, over the long-term, can promote the risk of cancers.

I try to eat only organic vegetables - and fruits, but some non-organic produce has much greater exposure to pesticides and some has much less.

For instance, the fruit or vegetable with the highest amount of pesticides is the good ole apple!

So, I only eat organic apples. And note, apples are nutrient powerhouses that DO ward off the need to see doctors.

You can see which non-organic vegetables and fruits have the lowest and the highest amounts of pesticides at: http://www.ewg.org/foodnews/summary.php

Fully Grass-Fed, Pasture-Raised Beef and Dairy
The article linked below explains why I only eat grass-fed beef products, if I eat beef or dairy. I never eat beef or dairy products that were fed grains, as Harvard University researchers published a comprehensive study that showed that grain-fed beef products increased the risk of cancers, cardiovascular disease and a shorter lifespan.

Please view: http://www.michaelmooney.net/HarvardSaysEatRedMeatandDie.html

New information from Harvard says that the low-fat diet that has been promoted by conventional medicine and the American Heart Association (AHA) is bad for human health. The AHA has consistently made recommendations that cause cardiovascular disease or increase health risks.

Remember their promotion of eating margarine, which contains trans fats, in the 1960's. Now the FDA is banning trans fats. So we cannot trust these icons of American medicine to give us good information about diet. Common sense diets in other countries, like the Mediterrenean Diet, ignore the AHA's deadly recommendations.

Yes, eating the animal fats and the natural cholesterol they contain is good for you, if the animals were fed their natural diets of grasses and legumes, not grains, such as corn or soy.

Cattle or genetically geared over hundreds of thousands or millions of years to eat grasses and legumes, not grains, such as corn or soy.

I also don't consume appreciable quantities of dairy protein or carbohydrates, only the butters and cheeses of cattle that were fully grass-fed, and pasture-raised. These are healthy fats.

Dairy protein, even organic dairy protein, has growth factors that make a tiny baby animal gain about 300 pounds in six months. These potent growth factors can stimulate cancer growth and the dairy carbohydrates (sugars) are foods for cancers.

Medical Marijuana
More positive data keeps being discovered about marijuana's anti-cancer potential via the anti-cancer effects of its THC molecule, which is best gotten without smoking. One can avoid the smoke by vaporizing it (or cooking it in foods that contains fats to help absorb it).
Reputed to be the best vaporizer is the Volcano - http://www.storz-bickel.com/shop_us/en/shop/volcano-vaporizer-sets.html

Here are links to articles that fill in the marijuana/anti-cancer story.


Consult With A Knowledgable Alternative Healthcare Practitioner
If I had cancer I would consult someone like Dr. Jean Wallace, who is expert in nutrition that stops cancer by turning one's internal biochemistry into a hostile environment, where cancer can't thrive or even survive. So she helps turn the body into what appears to cancer to be a desert where it can't grow, rather than a ferdent pasture, where it can grow easily

I met a person that Jean guided who had inoperable brain cancer with a prognosis to die within six months. Using Jeanne's protocol the tumors in her brain disappeared. When I met her, she had been free from cancer for eight years. I've had conversations with Jean and she is brillliant and compassionate. She helps her clients turn their bodies into a hostile system where cancer can't grow, because it sees your body as a desert, rather than a rainforest to grow in, as I said.

Her contact information is: Jean Wallace, Ph.D., CNC. http://www.nutritional-solutions.net/ 

Or I would consult traditional naturopath, David Getoff, in San Diego, a brilliantly perceptive healthcare practitioner, who I've known for about thirty years.His website is http://www.naturopath4you.com/.

Another natural health care practitioner who I might seek out, Dr. Frank Shallenberger, is a medical doctor. He uses mostly nutritional tools, but will make careful use of conventional medical tools, if needed.

There are other alternative doctors who are worth considering. You can read about a few of them by clicking here.

If I was diagnosed with cancer, I certainly wouldn't go it alone, I would seek expert help, even knowing all the things I know..

Many blessings,

Michael Mooney
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