Vitamins: They really don’t want you to have them May 1, 2008

The noose is tightening on the natural health industry around the world.  Following in the wake of restrictive laws being introduced across Europe, Canada is planning legislation that could see up to 60 per cent of vitamins and supplements disappearing from the shelves.

The new legislation, called Bill C-51, which passed its first reading in Canada’s House of Commons this week, seeks to impose similar levels of controls on natural health products that exist for pharmaceutical drugs.

Both drugs and vitamins will be classified as ‘therapeutic products’, and will be subject to similar controls on safety.  In the past, the vitamin and supplement industry had successfully argued that its products were a food.

The Bill also introduces a new expression – ‘a controlled activity’ – which suggests that naturopaths and homeopaths will need a special licence before they can issue natural health products.

Anybody in breach of the new controls could be imprisoned for up to two years or fined up to $5m, which is 1000 times higher than current fines.

(Source:  NHPPA, Canada).

Michael's Comment: Various governments are being used by big-money drug companies to create laws that effectively steal your right to take dietary supplemenets from you. It's a simple equation. After 40+ years of people taking more and more vitamins and other dietary supplements the strategists for the drug industry find that people who take more dietary supplements take less drugs, especially over the long run. Taking away your ability to buy and take dietary supplements easily will make it more likely that you will experience the degenerative diseases of aging. If you don't believe that this type of conspiracy is believeable, consider that when there are billions of dollars at stake, it's just as likely that there is a conspiracy as that there isn't. Personally, I'd say it's more likely that the foxes will try to raid the hen house than not if there is nothing to stop them. And there is nothing to stop the drug industry from implementing this strategy except you when you write to your Senators and Congressmen about this type of issue.