No Flu Vaccines For Me!
What About You?

By Michael Mooney, February, 2013

I don't get flu shots or any vaccine. They may contain mercury and aluminum and a number of unhealthy things that I don't want in my body.

Some doctors say that even small amounts of aluminum can damage the brain, especially as we get older.

But then I also don't want to ingest even small doses of formeldahyde, a known carcinogen, phenoxyethanol, beta-propiolactone, another known carcinogen, gentamycin, triton X100 and various animal tissues and fluids.

Not Really Effective?
There are good questions about flu vaccines actually being effective.

Quote: A ninth conundrum evident only recently is that epidemiological studies question vaccine effectiveness, contrary to randomized controlled trials, which show vaccines to be effective. For example, influenza mortality and hospitalization rates for older Americans significantly increased in the 80's and 90's, during the same time that influenza vaccination rates for elderly Americans dramatically increased [1,2]. Even when the aging of the population is accounted for, death rates of the most immunized age group did not decline [3]. Rizzo et al studying Italian elderly, concluded, "We found no evidence of reduction in influenza-related mortality in the last 15 years, despite the concomitant increase of influenza vaccination coverage from ~10% to ~60%" [4].

Given that influenza vaccinations increase immunity, why don't epidemiological studies show increasing vaccination rates are translating into decreasing illness?

Another point of interest is a statement from The American Thoracic Society, "Children Vaccinated for Flu at Three Times the Risk of Hospitalization than Unvaccinated Peers."

Then there is the statement of a mainstream scientist, Stephanie Seneff, a Senior Research Scientist at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. Click here to read her take on the flu vaccines' potential to contribute to Alzheimer's Disease.

So why risk possibly ineffective vaccines causing subtle long-term toxic effects that might shorten my lifespan or promote the development of Alzheimer's Disease?

While mentioning a possible increase in the risk of autism invites disagreement from some scientists, a study published in the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health showed that boys vaccinated for hepatitis B prior to 1999 had three times more potential for autisim than boys never vaccinated as neonates during that same time period.

Vaccine Court Awards Damages to Children Damaged With Autism by Vaccines
For those who are skeptical of my cautions about vaccines, including the measles/mumps/rubella (MMR) vaccine, please be assured that vaccines have been cited as causing tremendous damage as autism to children by a US Court. Efforts have been made to quiet this down, but it is fully documented.

Some would try to deny what the courts did, but then there is tremendous financial pressure, some would say even corruption on the part of the government in partnership with the vaccine industry in trying to suppress information about this.

You can read about it on Huffington Post’s site, as well as a more inflammatory version on Natural News.

I caution you that I view Natural News’ information as interesting and sometimes groundbreaking, but Mike Adams and staff frequently get the science wrong in their almost childish war on conventional medicine.

The Other Consideration - What About You?
While I might be able to avoid the flu without using vaccines, some people might not be as diligent as I am in avoiding foods that suppress immune function (fried foods, processed foods, too many carbs, etc...) and taking daily dietary supplements that have allowed me to avoid the flu for about thirty years.

One friend told me that the only year that he got the flu was the year that he didn't get a flu vaccine. For him the flu vaccine has had value and seeminly no apparent problems.

The other consideration is similar to what happened when I started helping HIV+ friends learn about alternative medical approaches to HIV.

When I only promoted "all-natural" approaches I found that only a small percentage of people, maybe 2 to 5 percent, at most, were capable of living such a diligent healthy lifestyle that didn't require toxic anti-retroviral drugs to stay alive.

A great majority needed to take the anti-retroviral HIV drugs to stay alive.

And so I realized, as I realize the same thing with vaccines, that the a majority of people might not be able to avoid the flu using high-dose vitamin D, NAC and high potency vitamins, while eating a clean natural foods diet and exercising regularly, like I do.

For those people, getting the flu vaccine is something that they might consider.

A brilliant friend, Mark, has a Ph.D. in biology. Mark is actually designing vaccines today. Mark showed me data on what the MMR vaccine has accomplished.

The "before vaccines and after" for MMR vaccines in the USA.
Mumps:  200,000/year reduced to 600/year
Measles: 3,500,000/year reduced to 35,000/year.
Rubella: 12,000,000/year reduced to 1,000/year.

So the MMR vaccine did a tremendous job of reducing infections and children's suffering.

The "other consideration" is that you might find that getting vaccines is the best choice for you because you're different than I am.

Vitamin D For A Stronger Immune System
I take higher dose vitamin D as my most potent immune support. Numerous studies show vitamin D's strengthening role for the immune system.

When I first learned about the desirable effects of higher dose vitamin D, I got my doctor to prescribe an "OH-vitamin D" blood test that showed that my blood level was 19 ng/mL, which is too low for optimum health.

I was taking a multivitamin that only had 1,000 IU of vitamin D.

I started taking an extra 5,000 IU/day for a total of 6,000 IU/day and waited two months so that my blood level was stable enough to be measured and then had the blood test called "OH-vitamin D."

The extra 5,000 IU per day plus the 1,000 IU in the multivitamin I take raised my OH-vitamin D blood level from 19 ng/mL to 43 ng/mL. 

OH-vitamin D blood levels at 40 ng/mL and above are the bottom line, according to vitamin D expert, Krispin Sullivan, CNC.

However, numerous vitamin D experts think that 50 ng/mL is ideal. 

I am taking 7,500 IU/day right now to see if it gets my OH-vitamin D to be around 50 ng/mL. 

Don't Take Too Much Vitamin D
I was taking 11,000 IU/day for a while. It raised my blood level to 63 ng/mL.

Some data show that about 5% of the population will develop hypercalcemia (high blood calcium) when OH-vitamin D is 70 ng/mL, so I'd rather not have too high of a blood level.

This is because optimal blood levels of vitamin D can improve calcium absorption as much as 65%.

Hypercalcemia could result in soft tissues calcifying (hardening), which we absolutely do not want.

Home Vitamin D Blood Test Available
You can get an OH-vitamin D blood test for $65 that you can do at home without seeing a doctor by going to

Michael Mooney


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